Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Subtweeting , The art of ShitTalking .

Subtweet.) /səb/-/twēt/ - Noun - (Subliminal Tweet) - 
; Directly referring to someone via Twitter without mentioning their name or directly mentioning them, without "tagging" the subject party in the "Tweet" 

Subtweets get attention because they're "Shit-Talking" with class...
Everyone's done it , I guarantee if you open your twitter news feed right now there is at least ONE subtweet recently posted. 

Noone wants to (publicly) go up to who they hate, claim them a "bitch" & proceed to name every person they've had relations with . We'd much rather do it from the privacy of our own home . & thanks to Twitter & Facebook, we can! 
People have come to this conclusion that everything they post on the internet , Will be seen by who its intended for .ex( A heartbroken gf exclaiming her grief on Facebook for love & comfort, A attention deprived girl posting risque photos for attention & admiration)  & for the most part , they're correct. 

I've seen Facebook ruin more marriages relationships than its brought together. Ive seen whole families torn apart because someone "liked" the wrong photos. 
We all come to this broad understanding that everyone can see what we do (AND WERE OKAY WITH IT?!?) . Me , personally, I have my Facebook set to very strict privacy settings & likewise with Twitter.

 Social Media Takes everything & blast it on a pedistool & whatever gets more attention , gets raised higher & higher on the "pedistool" until finally it becomes a "trending topic" 
Think if we could focus our world-issues & wars into "Trending-topics" .
Think how many unheard GREAT ideas would soon be known. 

Think of the strength in numbers if we could all ban together
BUT, it will probably never happen due to the "fog" of ignorance masking underlying issues at which noone seems to care about. 
But until then , use your subtweets to talk shit about that bitch who you just cant stand but will never say anything to...