Saturday, June 6, 2015

One easy way to tell if someone's lying...


Doesn't it suck just reading that ?
No one wants to be a liar. So what do we do about it? Lie.

I've never told a lie my whole life. . . Could you tell if I was lying? Obviously, because EVERYONE lies. It's in our human nature. & if you say "I've never lied" , well you're more contradicting then a starburst commercial because that would be you lying to yourself, also completely natural. But the question remains, why lie? Why do we try to convince ourselves the pimple on our face isn't that noticeable, when it clearly sticks out further than your nose ?

My answer may shock you.

I think we lie to create a faux-world . A heaven-on-earth. 

You're not proud of throwing paper on the school-bus/ so say you didn't do it(lie)

You're not proud of instigating a fight/ so you say you didn't mean it in a harmful way(lie) 

You don't want to go to church/ So you tell yourself you don't have anything to wear(lie)

You don't want to appear rude/So you tell your friend you're on the way when you're still on the couch watching t.v.

We always lie, just to make things seem better for ourselves.

 Even if you claim you lie to not hurt someone,to save them, you're hurting them more by denying them the inevitable truth. 

More importantly , how can we tell if someone's lying 

Well, first you must know what a lie looks like. A lie doesn't have a physical appearance, our lies lay in our emotions. Some people may think they're good at lying because they're good at hiding their emotions. On the contrary these are the easiest people to decipher. 
When you lie it forces added stress on your brain because you have to think about what your lying about/ and talk at the same time. While a truthful response comes naturally . Hence the first & MOST important step of lie detection. 

1.) get your subject to lie & observe their actions/vocal tone CAREFULLY. 

How can you willingly get someone to lie? Ask them a question no one would tell the truth about . 
Ex"have you ever lied to any person of authority?"
Ex"have you ever hurt someone out of revenge?"

You might notice a change in someones tone, A sudden look to the left, A scratch on the ear,  anything. People have certain self-assuring rituals they do when they lie as a means of re-assuring themselves to be confident. Once you find their "tick" each like will be plain as day. 

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